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How to Choose a HIPAA Compliance Vendor

Getting a 3rd party’s assistance is usually less cost and work than attempting to act in accordance with HIPAA by yourself. However, the question is, ‘how do I choose a good vendor?’ Below is a list of just-consider tips for choosing hipaa security compliance assessment provider.

Will you offer me with referrals from similar-sized customers? A reputed vendor ought to be in a position to avail trusted referrals that can confirm their work. It is crucial to work with vendors who’re a good fit for your practice. Work with a reputable and knowledgeable individual.

Are your processes separately audited? HIPAA audit program is meant to analyze controls, processes, and policies of certain covered entities. There is an established all-inclusive audit protocol that a vendor must be acquainted with. Check the compliance rate of a potential vendor against this protocol. If it is 100%, this is good. If possible, ask your vendor for a copy of his/her HIPAA Report on Compliance. Get more facts about hosting at

How do you back up the data you collect? Find out how frequently a vendor does backups, where your data is kept, and if there is joblessness within the system. Also, ask if there are several copies of your data available in multiple places. Such joblessness will enable you to hurry the upturn of your data that is in a disaster. In case a vendor does not possess a clear backup procedure, find another one.

Is there a data recovery plan? If there is a tragedy, you will want to understand what the role of your practice will be in the restoration of data. Ensure you ask what your staff will be needed to do and the support your vendor is going to offer. Is your vendor going to help state a plan for your team? Will the vendor require internal IT staff to be available? Ensure you have clear principles in place before a tragedy occurs so that you are prepared in case you require reestablishing connectivity.

Will you provide training for my team? When new hardware or software is being installed, your hipaa risk analysis team should be trained to understand the fundamentals if security as this will allow your staff to be proactive in protecting the information of your patients. Many security breaches arise when insiders make poor decisions or fail to adhere to set protocols. Proper training and execution are essential and are also needed by the HIPAA Security Rule. Ensure the vendor you are considering will avail some form of formal training and appropriate handoff if required.

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